New Solution Examines Data in Use to Expedite Compliance and Privacy Strategies

Titus has announced the Titus Accelerator for Privacy to reduce financial and legal risk exposure by automatically identifying personal data and applying protection. Unlike other data protection solutions, Titus Accelerator for Privacy examines emails and files at the point of creation. This unique

The 5G Privacy Opportunity: Don’t Just Develop Wireless Data Innovation Zones; Focus on Protecting Personal Data Too

Stuart Brotman Via NY Daily News Last week, the Federal Communications Commission announced that it would be granting experimental licenses for companies in New York City and Salt Lake City to test new advanced technologies and networks in specific geographic areas. This

How Cities can Leverage Citizen Data while Protecting Privacy

To improve the efficiency their municipal services, many Indian cities have started enabling government-service requests, which involves collecting and sharing citizen data with government officials and, potentially, the public. But there’s also a national push to protect citizen privacy, potentially restricting data