New Technology from Terralux Puts Any Building on the Smart Grid

ledsenseThere are a variety of products residential homes can be upgraded with to make them “smart,” from WiFi-enabled thermostats to robot vacuum cleaners. But, most of these products are not applicable to commercial buildings like hotels, dormitories and offices. Transforming a commercial building from analog to the digital smart age does not necessarily mean ripping open walls, rewiring and rebuilding from the ground up. Terralux has expanded its LEDSENSE technologies beyond connected lighting to include retrofit HVAC control, an intelligence gateway, Building Automation System Connection, and Utility Connection with Automated Demand Response in its new LEDSENSE Retrofit Control Package and Retrofit Intelligence Package.

The LEDSENSE Retrofit Control Package upgrades lighting and HVAC. Connected to the LEDSENSE system by LED Link, any LED Fixture or Retrofit Kit can go beyond lighting to harvest intelligent building feedback. Lights can feel how warm or cold a room is, see if anyone is occupying the space and sniff out odors and potentially toxic chemicals in the air including smoke, carbon monoxide and harmful VOCs. Partnered with the LEDSENSE thermostat, lights and HVAC work in conjunction with factory-paired occupancy and window/door sensors to optimize energy use via occupancy.

For buildings interested in a more advanced system, the LEDSENSE Retrofit Intelligence Package enhances the Retrofit Control Package with add-ons including a website portal, gateway, Building Automation System connection (BACnet) and utility connection.

Utilities can issue ‘Demand Response’ alerts, and LEDSENSE will automatically adjust light levels in a building to balance grid demand. If a light sees people enter a room it will raise the lighting to a brighter level. When people depart a room leaving it empty, the lights will be lowered, providing additional energy savings. If a dangerous gas, like carbon monoxide, is detected in the air, the light can switch on an exhaust fan or trigger an alarm system. Advanced sensors provide safety and security information, and alerts all through the LED lights.

LEDSENSE can reduce energy costs and usage in a building by up to 90 percent. Additionally, building owners, security or maintenance staff can remotely monitor energy use, occupancy, air quality and other environmental factors in a building from a computer, tablet or smart phone simply by logging into their LEDSENSE portal.

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