Eaton and CIMCON Lighting Collaborate to Bring Connected, Smart City Solutions to the Market

ChicagoPower management company Eaton has announced a collaboration with CIMCON Lighting, Inc., a leader in intelligent, web-based wireless outdoor lighting management systems. The collaboration combines Eatons broad range of outdoor light-emitting diode (LED) luminaires with CIMCONs intelligent, wireless controls, sensors and software to bring powerful connected lighting solutions for smart cities.

Our collaboration with CIMCON provides cities, utilities, departments of transportation and universities with simple, easy-to-manage, interactive solutions for street lighting applications, said Patrick Walker, vice president and general manager, Eatons Lighting Division. With Eaton and CIMCON working together, cities gain the real-time ability to monitor and control one of the largest, most energy intensive infrastructure areas outdoor lighting while intelligently leveraging in-place lighting infrastructure to create a scalable wireless ecosystem that integrates with smart grid platforms and key city services, such as public safety.

The connected lighting solution features a 7-pin ANSI C136.41 compatible plug-and-play or luminaire-integrated wireless controller, providing intelligent ON/OFF switching, dimming control, GPS capabilities, utility-grade power metering, analog and digital sensor capabilities and real-time status and health monitoring of lighting fixtures compatible with multiple networks.

CIMCONs web-based central management and controls software offers an intuitive, interactive Google Maps view of all lights in a system, eliminating location errors, improving installation time and allowing maintenance teams to quickly zoom to one fixture and access streetlight status in one click. The software facilitates a complete asset management solution, allowing cities to schedule, diagnose and manage streetlights from anywhere at any time.

Our world is becoming more connected every day and as the more than 45 million streetlights in North America are converted to LED fixtures, cities are looking to leverage the Internet of Things by using their lighting real estate to enable a smart, connected future, said Anil Agrawal, chief executive officer, CIMCON Lighting, Inc. The collaboration between Eaton and CIMCON allows cities to work smarter by providing a common network that they can expand over time, adding new services and sensors to link key infrastructure areas including lighting, smart micro cells, EV chargers, public safety, city parking and public transit.”

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