Arrayent EcoAdaptor Service Now Certified to Work With Nest

smarthomeArrayent Inc. has announced that its EcoAdaptorfor Nest has received Works with Nest certification. The Arrayent EcoAdaptor service provides consumer product manufacturers with an out of the box interface enabling them to enhance product benefits and user experiences through interoperation with Nest’s Home and Away states while reducing the time to deployment and expediting the Works with Nest certification process.

The newly certified EcoAdaptor for Nest development kit with sample Android app, dev board, and Arrayent platform account utilizes Nests Home and Away functionalities. It is the first of a growing number of EcoAdaptors to be provided through the Arrayent EcoAdaptor service, enabling Arrayent customers to incorporate interoperability with third-party ecosystems in a secure and scalable way.

By adopting the Arrayent IoT Platform and EcoAdaptor services, consumer product manufacturers can easily create new, exciting user experiences by leveraging the capabilities of other products in the home to increase the functionality and value of their own products.

“Consumer product brands want to enable their products to work together with other connected device ecosystems like Works with Nest, so they can deliver greater value to consumers,” said Arrayent CEO, Cyril Brignone. “This is how connected home products actually become smartthrough interoperability between products from different manufacturers. By providing products that work together and create richer user experiences, they bring higher value to end-users than they could provide on their own.”

Arrayent built its EcoAdaptor for Nest in collaboration with existing Works with Nest developers and Arrayent customers. The EcoAdaptor for Nest was used when integrating Works with Nest capability into the Febreze Home connected air freshener, launched in June. Febreze Home introduced a completely new user experience for home air freshness and odor control in a consumer-friendly, connected plug-in that offers its customers a new way to manage home air freshness.

By using the Arrayent EcoAdaptor to enable Febreze Home to automatically work with the Nest Learning Thermostat, consumers can control odors when home and conserve scented oil when away without having to do anything. The Arrayent EcoAdaptor for Nest also helps consumer brands dramatically reduce development and deployment time for the Works with Nest certification process.

The Febreze Home provides even more value to end-users through Arrayents EcoAdaptor by also working with the Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) alarm. When Nest Protect detects an event and flashes red, the Febreze Home pathway lights will also turn redor yellow when Nest Protect signals a yellow Heads-Up alertthereby creating a smart home product ecosystem for safety and convenience.

Arrayent has helped global consumer brands launch over 65 connected home products on five continents in the areas of home appliances, lighting systems, access control and HVAC/water control. The Arrayent ConnectIoT Platform enables consumer product brands to remotely monitor, manage, control, and acquire data from connected products. The platform creates a virtualized device in the cloud for each connected physical device, enabling over-the-air device firmware updates, alerts and notifications, data insights from devices in the field, and interoperation with other IoT clouds. Arrayent has helped major brands accelerate connected consumer products programs with an average time from idea to on-the-shelf being just six months. Now its even easier for consumer product companies to advance their product goals and roadmaps through the Arrayent EcoAdaptor service.

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