Connected Cities USA is a new event covering strategies and technologies to bring smart cities to fruition. Hosted in Chicago, this event will feature a technical session track, exhibit hall, and multiple networking opportunities to learn, collaborate and educate yourself about connected cities in the US.


With the Internet of Things exploding across the globe, cities that once were restricted by shrinking budgets and an aging workforce are now finding they can modernize their infrastructure projects quickly and more efficiently by employing smart technologies. With thousands of new IoT based products hitting the market on a seemingly daily basis, the cost of going smart has been greatly reduced in the last year. This transition to cost-effect, Internet enabled technology is opening the door for city planners and managers to make drastic changes to modernize their communities.


Connecting city infrastructure such as: gas and electric utilities, water/wastewater, transportation, waste management, emergency response and building automation will provide economic and environmental stability for towns ready to make the investment. Employing intelligent IoT based technologies in these areas will allow for more efficient use of resources, organic expansion via sustainable cities, high technology job creation, reduced pollution, and a higher standard of living for residents.


It will be co-located with Internet of Things North America and share the same exhibit hall.